Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summertime for Henry

Henry is such a big boy now. He walks like crazy and is always right on his sister's heels developmentally. He loves playing with the family, but it's easy to forget that he's still a little guy and still needs to be treated that way from time to time. Here he is sleeping through our trip to the sand dunes - he just crawled into Cassandra's lap and passed out.

Henry enjoyed this picnic, as he enjoys all mealtimes. He loves food and is willing to try nearly anything. However, he has a crazy sweet tooth and can spot someone eating a treat a mile away.

Henry found this ear of corn and was extremely upset that this husk was on it. We peeled it for him and he proceeded to eat the corn raw. Yummy.

Henry loved going on our first camping trip. Like a boy he dug in the dirt, went on a couple of hikes, and ate weeds. He had a few difficulties though. He woke up at 4 am and wouldn't go back to sleep in the tent, so Bob rocked him in the hammock until he passed out

Finally, as we were packing up to head out, Olivia filled a mixing bowl with ashy dirt from an old fire pit and dumped the bowl on Henry. He didn't seem to mind being covered in ashy dirt, but we sure found it gross!

Our little man loves the great outdoors whether it is hiking up in the mountains, fixing bikes with Dada, or just playing around in the backyard.

Henry is our little scholar. He love reading books and being read to. When we're driving around, he loves reading the book 'Sheep in a Jeep'. He giggles out loud every time he gets to the page where the sheep crash their jeep, he loves a little Schadenfreude.

Henry is very bright. He has a huge vocabulary already. His favorite animal is the penguin (En-gwin!) and he loves checking them out at the aquarium. Other favorites in his vocabulary? Horses, dogs, meows (cats), giraffes, zebras, ducks, chickens, cows, baas (sheep), dolphins, fish, birds, owls, Rars (bears), lions. Woah!

Henry is still our sweet, loving, tender-hearted boy. He loves to run and be wild, but he still loves blankets (nigh-nighs) and being cuddled. He's easily startled and hates things like the car wash (pictured below). After coming home from our Spain trip, he gave Cassandra the cold shoulder for several days, refusing to come to her and crying if she picked him up. Sad!

Henry had his fifteen-month check-up last month, and he's looking great. The doctor was impressed by his vocabulary and his motor skills. Stats? Head 49.3cm (94%), Height 32in (77%), and weight 24lb5oz (48%). We're a little concerned because he only gained two ounces in the last three months, which is crazy because he eats a lot! We're keeping an eye on him, and hopefully he will pick up on his weight gain by his next check up in September.

Love you, Henry boy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Year of Henrys

Our friend Kristel gave Henry these awesome month stickers and it's been so fun to use every month. Now enjoy looking back at a year of Henrys!

April 2011
May 2011
 June 2011
July 2011
August 2011
September 2011
October 2011
November 2011
December 2011
 January 2012
 February 2012
March 2012

 What a sweet boy! It's so fun to see how much he's grown.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Henry's First Birthday

Amid trips to St. George...

playing ball in the park...

and visits from Grandma...

...This little guy turned one year old!

He celebrated with a ball birthday party (no pictures yet) with some of his closest friends and family. He had to fight off big sister to open his presents and then later to play with his toys.

But he did get to play with some of his toys at the end of the day. Some of his favorite toys? A powerwheels Buzz Lightyears ATV, an awesome slide, a car course that Henry loves sitting in, and BALLS! He's loving being 1.

The doctor gave Henry a thumbs up at his check up. He's 24lb 3oz (87%), 31in (88%), and a 48cm head (92%). ROAR! He's 12 months!

Henry has always been such an easy going baby. Now though, he's gotten a bit of spunk in him. He throws fits like you've never seen!

Above, it seems he just didn't want his picture being taken on the floor. He calmed down when placed in a chair. Below, he saw a display of balls at the grocery store and sobbed pointing at them and yelling 'NI' until we were several aisles away.

Also, sometimes you just don't want to have a nap with your pants on! Checking on him during naptime, Henry had ripped off his pants and thrown them out of his crib. See you later, pants!

He's finally grown more teeth! His two bottom teeth have been augmented by three more teeth on top. He isn't walking yet, but he is standing on his own and taking a few tentative steps. Any day now!

Henry's verbal skills are getting better and better. He's repeating as many of Olivia's words as he can. His favorites are dog and dada! He points at most people and call them dada, including a picture of Jesus he saw at church...

Happy birthday, little buddy. We couldn't be happier about having you in our family and we love you so much!